Thursday, May 3, 2007

National Day of prayer

Today is the national day of prayer. A dear friend sent me an email that included this photo and it got me to thinking...

the contrast of these two sweet kids is stark, and beautiful. But look at how they are so comfortable and stare straight into the camera. I want to stare straight into the camera that God holds and see myself how he sees me. I want to choose to spend enough time with someone to know their character before I decide I don't like them. To make decisions about relationships based on what I have experienced, not what I've heard. I want to spend more time building friendships than building a wardrobe. I want to have someone say behind my back: she has character; integrity; honesty; kindness. I want more people to WANT that than to want money or things.

If I have a collection to gather, I want it to be of amazing and great people...tender stories of how we have hugged each other through life. I want a collection of memories that bring a smile to my face. I want a collection of battle scars because I didn't run from the fight just to keep the peace. I want to collect people's stories...because I spent enough time with them for them to feel comfortable sharing their lives with me. I long for a collection of hearts who see Jesus in my actions and opinions and attitudes.

I love how these kids don't look cynical. They still believe in facing life head on. We could learn a little somethin somethin from these little sweeties...that's my prayer for our country today. And for my family. And for my friends.

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