Monday, January 11, 2010

Today in Three Acts

Act 1

Home~Woke up too early for my tastes~put away the laundry that's waited 5 days (4 baskets!!)~ate whole grain waffles for breakfast~~savored my chocolate tea with mint creamer in my favorite polka dot cup~checked my email~spent too long on Cafemom trying to read journal on my favie group~texted Lauren in FL~Called Cassie/no answer

Act 2

Work~Listend to midday connection on WMBI on the way to work and literally laughed out loud several times over the "Man Rules"~Called Paul, which I never do, to tell him how funny it was and laughed all over again!!~Cindy wasn't there so there was a computer for me to work on~the farm house was warm today hallelujah!!~Mouse in the upstairs toilet makes me never want to use it again!!~Found out I totally forgot the Baptism student books. Ugh.~Did the usual Monday work…it was very quiet there today. Usually there's so much more convresation~Will be doing the bulletin while BW is in Hawaii~left with things still to do

Act 3

Called Cassie on the way home; no answer~talked to Melissa for a while as she flipped her stuff on Sable (something about a hussy) for getting the sheets dirty~Home again~roast in the over for dinner smells delicious; didn't end up as tender as I thought~ate dinner and laughed with Joseph and Paul; it's a good day to be here~worked on my swap~printed out sketch books~threatened Theresa with death if she doesn't take care of the snoring for this weekend~starting planning what to bring~Facebook for 2.5~Joseph off to surprise Lauren at the airport~Tired and ready for bed!!

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Coffee_Cassie said...

Sorry, I found my phone like... 2 hours after you called, and I figured you were on your way to work. I did call the house at 7ish, though! Maybe tomorrow?