Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dogpile day

yesterday started with a message basically yelling at me for someone else's behavior, and ended with me crying over the last person of my day telling me that was I was doing didn't measure up with lots of other crap in between...it was not a fun day to be me. At least it was just one day.
On to more fun things:
layouts. I've gotten 12 layouts done this year, am planning my megacrop in two weeks (hoping to get 75 pages completed there), and actually bummed around all day today...it was a GOOD day to be me.
Made some decisions, just need some verification. I've got too much going on in my life. I need to cut out the loud for the important. Cut out the demanding for the necessary. My word for the year is PRIORITIES and some people are going to be disappointed, but I'm living my priorities for me and my family, not public support.

I scrapped these pictures, which have been sitting on the pile of undone pix on my desk for years. Got the layout done and was really happy with it...then found a random picture of Joseph which I stuck between the two on the right side. Looks good. Then Paul comes home from his parents' house with an entire envelope of pictures, including 5x7's of the pictures on the left!! LOL

These two pages honor an amazingly great period of time in my life...I had two great girlfriends with whom I could completely be myself, they lived close and we got together alot. I went to a church that I loved that had great programs for women, and we had married friend who got as silly as we did. Dori moved one summer and Judy moved the next...I wept both times and still feel the loss. I have other great girlfriends with whom I can be myself, and I still keep in touch with Judy pretty regularly, and we are finally making couple friends who also are silly and real. I have a church that I love even more than the one we were attending then. I am blessed...and I don't want to forget this period of time. That's why I love scrapping. It's the stories as much as the pictures for me.

So this was Theresa's great closet purge. I don't think I've laughed that hard EVER. We emptied 5 big garbage bags of WHAT NOT TO WEAR clothes...and I wanted to make the page feel messy and chaotic, like that night.

Melissa's college graduation picture. I couldn't be at her MBA, so I relived her college one, and I am loving these journaling boxes that I bought out in Seattle and NEVER USED!! Fabulous!!

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