Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Contemplating favies

What are your favorite things?
~a warm cup of tea with peppermint creamer
~my blanket and waterbed
~believing that hope makes a difference

Do you have a favorite photo? Lately, it's this one of Ronnie on Christmas. He loved making us "pitties" with the bows

A favorite treat?
Mint meltaways from Albanese candy factory in Indiana. Joseph and Lauren discovered them for me. I eat them miserly at the rate of about 1 a week till they are gone, which, sadly, is the current state of my candy stash

A favorite guilty pleasure?
The View

An un-favorite?
Fighting/distance with people I love. Not knowing how to cross the chasm.

A favorite memory recorded?

Most recently, the crop this past weekend. Just load of laughs and fun and productive too.

A favorite moment savored?
Ronnie's birth. What an honor, an amazing moment, a vision of strength and determination, then a new life that has changed mine forever.

A favorite what-did-you-just-say?
Honest. To be pronounced Hone-est.

A favorite moment of introspection?
SO many to choose from…lately it was today and realizing that things will never stay the same if one of us doesn't change the course of things.

A favorite old page upon which you still love to gaze?
The page Cassie and Joseph made me for Mother's Day one year. It will always be on my wall.

or one that still makes you smile?
Joseph's unit picture. LOL

A favorite new page that might have to stay out for special viewing for just a minute longer?

Melissa's graduation from college. I am considering framing it I like it so much.

A favorite product?
For scrapping, my cricut. For life, my tea maker.

A favorite journaling strategy?
Just do it. I love the memory maker journaling blocks. I've journalled more since discoverying them than all the years before combined.

A favorite style? I love simple, clean, focus on the picture

A favorite season?
Fall…I can breathe, I love the colors and my clothes!! LOL

A favorite bit of current life?
Ronnie layouts of course…he's so darn funny!!

of everyday living?
My Life 2010 project…it makes me focus daily on my world

Do you play favorites?
Yes, I sure do

Are your favorites fickle?
No…once a favie, always a favie.

Do you have favorite people?
Yeah, I do. If you are reading this, you are probably one of them.

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