Friday, August 24, 2007

yesterday didn't turn out

much like I thought it would!! We had our second day of school, which was supposed to start at 9. But Cassie stayed till after midnight and we were all up way too late. Poor Paul..he gets up no matter WHAT and had a 7:30 dr. appt. So I think he got about 5 hours sleep. And it wasn't good. He was tossing and turning, so burdened by what we envision as Cassie's life from here on out. I, on the other hand, just couldn't sleep. But then I decided to spend my time praying instead of worrying and fell off at some point.
So.........we do school. Joseph hates it already. Hates the poetry, math, Civics. And he hasn't even started Latin, which is notoriously his least favorite subject. Lindsay came over and we went tout to lunch to celebrate the start of the school year for both of them. Then went to check out JJC's main campus, giving Lindsay a heart attack (the only time my driving has been compared to Paul's) by cutting from the right lane to a stopping spot with a campus map. Ok, so it was pretty abrupt...but there was (1) no warning and (2) nobody behind me. Still, I'll never hear the end of that one!!
Then off to books off campus so she can save $5.00 and 45 minutes of standing in line. And we thought we'd get back to the house pretty quickly, just stopping at the Joliet Park District for Joseph to pick up an application for a job. Well...literally in the time it took for him to go in and out, the weather went from threatening to POURING, horizontal rain and the car was LITERALLY moving sideways. The port-a-potty we were near was tipped over (who gets THAT disgusting job??) and a tree limb broke and gave my car a colonoscopy. Once I got off the tree limb, we slid across Jefferson, blinded by the rain, got onto Essington and drove through flooded streets (as in all 4 lanes) to get home.
Joseph gets hero of the day from LIndz since he went out in the pouring rain to get her books and close her windows...and then we just watched the weather for like the next 1.5 hours and then the news...which was all about the weather.
On the up side...I did get half of my ironing done. I feel like a half a boulder has been lifted off my todo list. I hate ironing. SO I postpone it...which of course...makes it worse...and I hate it more!!
Two days till Cassie's wedding. We had a nice, albeit quick, time shopping for her accessories. She got everything she needs and is wearing the pearls that I wore at my wedding...a gift from Paul's mom. I'm at peace knowing that SHE knows that we are totally for her and that we will do whatever we can to support her, regardless of what decision she makes. That's all we can do at this point.

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