Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hard to imagine it's just been a couple days...

Cassie's wedding is less than 2 weeks away. We still haven't seen an invitation, so we're aren't even sure what time the wedding is at. Melissa probably wont' be coming in for the same reason. Hard to book a flight home when you don't know when things are.
We're doing the back to school thing...I've finished planning and organizing the mountain of school work for Joseph's last year at home. I"m going on record now saying he's gonna hate this year. HATE it. Weird to think that after 11 years of h/s I will no longer hold that job title! Ahh...but imagine what I can do with day after day of project time...organize the world one house at a time, have lunch with friends and workout (uh huh), spend long periods of time in relative silence studying topics I want to. But it's not like he's moving out and we'll be empty nesters. As it is, the battle for the phone some days causes the plastic to soften from overuse and we literally wore out the battery on "the good phone"...or wore out the phone. That remains to be seen once Paul replaces the battery!!
I'm still undecided about how to handle one conflict I"m in the midst of. I had thought reaching out ONE more time was the right thing to do, until I uncovered more lies and got another nasty email that was also cc'd to others. Sigh. I think it's time to shake the dirt from my sandals (or flip flops, but those weren't around in biblical times" and move on to the next metaphorical town. I"m sure the answer will become clear as I continue to pray about it!!
Bears won. It was a darn good game. Not that I didn't experience some anxiety...but my guys are undefeated!! BWAHAHAHA!!!
Just when it seems that the turmoil in church has reached a fever pitch (and what I think is the climax), it goes higher. Talk about a pressure cooker situation. Hopefully the meeting Sunday night will shed some light, one way or another, for us to make the next set of decisions.
Went to Ikea yesterday with Lynda Sherrie and Laura. We had so much fun!! One...eating breakfast and talking without cutting anyone's food, little whispers in mom's ears, and free coffee for them. One of life's little pleasures!! Walking around and chatting, shopping and self check out...I think we are posted at the door with a red circle and line through our pictures. We needed AT LEAST 10 assists while checking out. And we looked like intelligent women until then!! Not to mention the "hook ass" item...so funny!!
Ok, off to work out and nap. I got about 4 hours sleep for the last several nights. My eyeballs are burning!!

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