Sunday, August 26, 2007

Today is done...gone the sun

from the east...from the west. That old girl scout song is echoing in my head. And today wasn't what I thought it would be. It was beautiful indication of the weather we had on Thursday and Friday. The sky was a bright blue, the temperature was fabulous and there was jsut a light breeze. We got there early for the "rehearsal" which was the head priest telling Paul what he'd be doing, after we waited outside for a good 20 minutes. And then Cassie got there in Lindsay's car.
Thank God for Lindz...she did Cassie's hair (finished straightening it), her makeup and got her to the church. Cassie thought Ron and Denise were going to pick her up and get her to the church, and THEY got to the church 45 mintues into the ceremony. Literally, they missed the entire service up to the wedding. It was one of the few times I got really teary eyed today, wondering how they made it ok with themselves to be 45 minutes late for their own sons' wedding. But not mine to wonder....

And the service..let's just say I got a good idea of what people must feel like when they go to the Catholic church for the first time with no background. Confusing, boring, stand stand stand, kneel, stand stand, what are they going around the altar for again? What do we say? We were totally lost and didn't get it at ALL.

Paul's parents came...his dad looked great!! There were times we could tell that Phil wasn't really connecting, but he looked fabulous and followed almost everything that was going on. I was so happy to see them and I know that it meant alot to Paul that they came.
My mother decided not to come, not to call, not to answer the door when my sister went to pick her up. I am SO ANGRY at her. She tells me how she "weeps many tears for our relationship and what it is" and asks for my forgiveness for past hurts...and then can't be bothered to come to her own granddaughter's wedding. Seriously. Baffled.

Back to the wedding...Paul did walk her down, and he did a great job. They looked fabulous together and his last words to her as a single woman was "I love you". It was very touching.

Receiving line...another tear jerker for me as I congratulated them and told Chris to take care of her. He promised he would. I hope he keeps his promise. She is a treasure in my heart and I can't bear the thought of her not being valued or treated tenderly...well...except by her brother!! This picture was their idea and we were all rolling in laughter as they posed and re-posed with increasing enthusiasm!!

Got tons of pictures after the wedding, of Cassie and our family, Chris and the wedding party. Didn't get any of his family till about 2 hours into the reception...the one thing Cassie didn't want was to be pulled from the reception for pix...and that's exactly what happened. Don't know how she feels about took us a few minutes to figure out what happened.

The reception started with "I loved her first" with Cassie and Paul dancing. Which I'll just admit was a big bawl fest for me. Then "ring of fire" for my dad...and Theresa took Cassie out on the dance floor and they, well, you COULD call it danced. They had fun and we all had a great time watching them. Then they played "I hope you dance" which Cassie dedicated to me. It made me cry too...that is was and always will be my hope for fully participate in life, find joy and choose never to be on the sidelines!!

Eventually, Chris and Cassie danced together. He's soooooooooo much bigger than her. Dwarfs her!! She looked mostly happy today, occasionally very undone and sometimes tired.

We did talk, way at the end, to Chris' parents. That's another blog worthy entry and quite frankly, I"m exhausted. Here's to a day of beginnings and hope and I pray that they will be a light in each other's life as husband and wife, that they make Christ central in their marriage and that they forge a bond of love, trust and strength over the years.

OMG>>>I'm officially a monster in law!!

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Shari said...

God bless your daughter and her new hubby. He sure is a big guy! The pictures are lovely. You look just marvelous darling. Blessings to your family and may there be love & peace in your hearts. Best wishes.