Thursday, August 23, 2007

GoodNESS...another week has

flown by. I do have a disclaimer here for why it's been so long. Big modem/cable issues. Stinks

because just when I have time to blog or check my email or whatever, it goes down.

So, before it goes down again, let's see:

Thursday is a 5 hour lunch with Judy...all caught up. It was great. I really miss her. All the time. Sigh. Anyway...we laughed, we talked, we solved no problems of hte world or our children, but we ate ourselves half to deah and went our separate ways. Two kids from my old youth group stopped by at 7 and they stayed till midnight talking...laughing...talking smack to and about each other. We had a great time. I love those kids to death. That's Claudia on the left and Martha on the right.

Friday, Girls night out. Judy was in...and we had some new people this month. It's getting bigger every month. The theme was favorites and literally all we had was salad and desserts. NO ONE brought a meal!! People stayed till 1:00, with lots of laughs and talking, some new people and a bit of "foyer talk" way at the end of the night, but it was mostly off limits and people really stuck with least when I was around. Next month it's a concert and dinner, then October The Melting Pot...after that who knows??? You can almost see Melissa's bump here...but it was supposed to be self portraits and I see too many arms for them to have taken this themselves!! LOL

Saturday I was supposed to crop all day, but I couldn't get into yahoo and Paul and I got in a big fight about his money obsessions and lack of communication. SIgh. I wonder if we will ever get past this point.

Sunday...went to Southwest and loooooooooved it. So many people from Assembly there. So many!! They arent' the friendliest people if you're new, but the message was great and the music was uplifting and God and I duked it out about forgiving Chris and the call to do that over and over again if they get married. Guess who won. Yeah. Not me. WHich ws good because when we went to the meeting SUnday night, which was a farce beyond description, there it was again. Forgive and move one. Let go.

Monday came news that MOPS isn't backing up the steering team, that it's a "chartering issue" and that issue is between the pastor (read: Earl) and the chartering leadership (read: Joy). Hmmm...wonder how that will turn out. It was aggravating, but it was also the last thing I needed to not look back and let go of it all. I don't care what they think and they have NO power in my life unless they want to get a restraining order to keep me out of P Rick's class. So whatever.

Monday...Tuesday...Wednesday...Joseph starts school. We will end midMay and I will be obsolete in the homeschool world!! We had a great first day and then Cassie came over after dinner and we finished up her accessory shopping for the wedding on Sunday. Yep. I guess it's stil on. Sigh.

And that brings me to today. And the internet was out 3 times while writing this, so I'm off!!

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Carolyn said...

Hey Ger! Great to hear from you. Hope your cable issues get worked out quickly. Until later...