Sunday, July 8, 2007

We tasted...

goat today for the first time. It was like my mom's potroast one Chrsitmas. Tough. But the spices were yummy. And we had collard green eggroll...also yummy. And Crab nuggets. And rainbow cone ice cream.
But before that, for some unknown reason, we took pictures in the parking garage. Tried to get a picture of the four of us, but that just wasn't happening. Still, I love these pictures...even if they are "incomplete"!!

We had planned to go to the taste on the 4th, but my back ruined that plan. We played cards instead, which was great. Very relaxing, but not rainbow cone worthy!! Then we were going to go tomorrow after church, till we read the forecast. Yeah. Chicago, outside, with drunken sweaty people in 105 heat index. Nah. I'll take a pass. So we ran up there tonight. We found out that it takes about 2 hours to go through the taste, Wiesbrook style. That includes getting lost both going out of and re-entering the parking garage. That's Paul asking the security guard how to get out of the garage.
And it includes taking pictures of my beloved skyline, allowing a bird to crap on my arm (NO I AM NOT KIDDING!!) as I was taking my first bite of ice cream. Both Joseph and I initially thought it was ice cream spray...but no. there was telltale bird doo-doo evidence. I kept wondering what Melissa (Cav) was like at the taste, being a certified germophobe. And the bird poo just made it that much funnier to imagine!!

Lowlights of the taste...the drunk, barefoot guy weaving in and out of traffic in front of us; the women who thought their cleavage was the perfect parking spot for water bottles, cell phones, etc. The What not to wear moments were running rampant, I'm telling you!! Imagine grey camo shorts and a blue and red striped dress shirt. White shorts with no lining and no underwear...need I go on? I think not. plans, except the 7 phone calls I need to make and maybe scrapping. It's been a
fun couple of days and I hope I sleep in!!


Melissa said...

OH MY GOSH!! A BIRD POOPED ON YOU!!!! you get to join my club!! LOL. And you can now realize why i will never again go to the bird house at the zoo. It's discusting. but i was laughing out loud when I read this! LoL. Still missing not being up there..:-(

Ger said...

Ah yes...but I will NOT deprive myself of the experience of Taste just because a bird felt the need to let one rip on my arm. And incidentally, did you know that Dr Oz says that's bird urine, not poop? Yep. Thought you'd need to know that before sleeping tonight!!