Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I can't believe it's been almost a week!!

Let's see...we've been making things (luggage tags come to mind), going places (Portillo's, Kimberlee's, the Promenade and Ikea), playing (cards, competitive Sudoku) and laughing alot.
Joseph's birthday was mixed in here...we did a CARS theme, which I don't think he appreciated the irony of a kid's movie celebrating him being able to drive. And then there was the "Does Cassie really know how much I love her?" meltdown Sunday night. That pretty much brings things up to date.
Joseph, 16. Wow. Where does the time go... In one short year he'll be off to college (early). Where did my little fat faced imp of a boy go? The "I can't keep my clothes or shoes on" kid has grown into a clothes horse (but still rarely shoes!!) And now, after a year of pining away for a girl in his youth group and being told he's too nice of a guy to like, he seems to have turned into a girl magnet overnight. There's 4 or 5 girls who like him...but he's still liking the same girl..
Looks like I need to upload some pictures too...
Today is supposed to be wedding dress shopping for Cassie, but I have emailed her 3 times regarding it and hear nothing back. Frustrating, but I have plan B if she flakes us for whatever reason. Then tonight, it's SPOONS with Theresa. I'm anticipating pain, but I've got my own weapons as I realized this nails are all pretty long!! I'm sure I'll lose (I stink at cards, but it's fun anyway!), but no doubt there will be some laughs involved.
A week from today, we leave for FL. 12 days including travel days...can't wait!! Melissa will graduate from college, we'll get to see her new condo and hang. She and Meesh think they'll get me tan...bwahahaha!! I'm a melatonin repellent. I'll merely crisp myself and then fade to white as always.

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