Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tomorrow I'll

We've had a great trip, and as always, I feel like it was too short and went by toooo fast!! This year, the trip was mostly me and Meesh. Melissa's working fulltime in FL. Joseph is not inclined to do girl things and Cassie's gone and working 4 days a week. Sigh. Still...it was great to do some one on one bonding with the Meesh-ster. We have nearly identical style and often the same size, so it made laundry interesting!!
I've completed 299 layouts this year. I probably won't scrap again till the 2nd Tuesday in August, but I'm pretty confident I can do my 365 this year.
I'd post pictures, but Meesh has the camera in her purse...which does me NO GOOD!! I'll put some up later...

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