Thursday, July 19, 2007

A day at the promenade

We had a great time at Ikea (in spite of Meesh's lack of "finds"). The smell of cinnamon rolls attacked as we walked in the door, but for some reason, we left without any.
Sad...found out that the kids' center only takes 10 children at a time. That means our girls morning as planned won't work since combined there are 12 kids needing child care. Sigh. Mental note: tell Lynda, Sherrie and Laura...
We DID find a great loft for Meesh's dorm room (roughly the size of most bathrooms!!), desk organizers in dark brown to match her bedding, and super cheap frames. As for my finds, I got chair cushions that match my kitchen and some coffee mugs I'm making into gifts for some ladies who shall remain nameless.

Off the the Promenade across the street for lunch at Go Roma, my fave place to eat there, and make overs at Macy's. This is the before. We showed Lindsay how to play up her fabulous brown eyes with non-blue eye shadow. I don't know that the Clinique lady was that great, but we did get what we came for and had some good laughs.

Then, of course, we had to shop...esp. when we saw a fabulous patchwork skirt at the Loft. Sadly, it was out of our price range. But the great white denim skirt (note to self: TAN before wearing it!!) and brown fabuloso dress pants more than made up for that loss.

Last stop...the make ourselves look skinnier, one person who shall also remain nameless, suggested. Sigh. I thought she loved me. Not so much I guess!!


Melissa said...

I do love you!! LoL...just made me laugh!

Carolyn said...

We are finally getting an IKEA down here. I can't wait to visit and see what everyone raves about.

Ginny said...

My Ikea is about 45 minutes away, so I haven't made it out there yet. Figured I'd wait till I actually had some money to spend, lol! BTW, I love the quote you have above this post!