Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Finally unpacked

from last week's crop (I guess it's almost 2 weeks now), and last weekend's impromptu trip to the scrapbook expo. I decided I was going to do it RIGHT,not just a stash and dash. And so it took longer, but now everything is prepared and ready to be used, away where it belongs.

And not letting the situation with Paul dictate the terms of my life (trying to find my healthy center here!!), I did a nice cleaning on the house, washed the windows, started reading a book on Anger in marriage (seemed appropriate!!) and began exercising again. HELP ME!!! I always quit this and I really need some encouragement on that front!!

I sorted all my layouts (like 100 of them) into the right album. A weekend project is to get them in the page protectors (all of my albums need more inserts!!)

And babysat the little man last night...Cassie and Chris had their first anniversary


judy said...

Glad to see you back bloggen. Love the pics of baby. Glad to hear you are finding your balance ~ keep on keepen on. You are awesome and I love your layout. By the way ~ Happy 1st year Cassie and Chris!

Coffee_Cassie said...

He looks like a toddler in that bottom pic!! AHHH!