Monday, September 1, 2008

Weird things that happen to me...

Some layouts I did...Soul sisters year end pix!!

LOL. Really. I have some random eye condition that is "extremely rare". I thought it was pink eye. Treated it as pink eye. And then it came back. So now I know, thanks to a WONDERFUL humble doctor at Corwin medical who said "I don't think I"m the doctor you need to see" and sent me on to an opthamalogist (late Friday afternoon), that I ahve Schleritis. It's a chronic inflammation of the whites of your eyes. I now have an eyeball on steroids to match the lungs on steroids. And a new opthamalogist who I really, really like. He said I might be able to wear contacts. That's not why I like him, but it's sure a little happy thing to think about!! He put these numbing drops into my eyes, which were wonderful, but dyed my eyeball yellow. So I have ONE eye that's bright red and one that's bright yellow. A little freaky looking, I"m sure. Luckily had my sunglasses on, so no one went running for cover or anything like that!!

And...I found out that John McCain had multiple affairs. He lost my vote with that news. More to follow...on the rest of my life.

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Melissa said...

So I looked up my records and i totally had the same freaky eye thing that you did. Good thing you caught it in time, I remember all the scary things they told me could happen :-)

Little stud is getting sooooo big. I'm jealous and want to be around him!

When are we going to catch up??