Thursday, August 7, 2008

Busy week

with a major storm, asthma, Cassie and Chris dropping by and getting some scrapping done. Feel pretty if only I could breathe!!
This was the radar on Monday (I think) night...three tornadoes blew through here, one touched down in Bolingbrook, and dumped a ton of rain. The irony is that it was cooler BEFORE the storm...

He makes the funniest faces...sucking on his gums, looking at us incredulously, and in general showing his really BIG personality!! I pulled out a book for him, Goodnight Moon, which he proceeded to lick, gum, eat, pat and occasionally look at the pictures!
It was a nice surprise on a day I felt physically drained; and I could barely talk!!

My two favorite layouts for the last few days...A couple of pictures I'd had blown up with no real plan except that I liked them alot!!

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