Wednesday, August 13, 2008

some thoughts on IL...

so the challenge here is to take the letters of Illinois and make two lists. One that tells what I love about it and one that I hate about ya go!!

I--I'm totally familiar with it...know where every thing is
L--Leaves changing colors
L--ladies who I admire, laugh with, learn from
I--it's where my family is...mostly
N--Nieces love it here and visit me!!
O--Only Bears fans need apply
I--it was a great place to homeschool my kids
S--seasons...the bulbs popping up in the spring, ice covered trees, fall colors. Ok, I hate summer

I--I hate the cold
L--Loser sports teams are our reputation but it's a LIE!
L--Living so far from M&M, Judy, etc.
I--it would be nice to not have asthmatic attacks
N--neighbors are rude (not in the whole state, I'm just talking about my neighborhood)
O--oppressive traffic. ALWAYS!!
I--income tax going up every darn year
S--squishy. People keep moving here. Developments everywhere


Dor said...

Their is an N in Illinois and I wanted to remind you of how much you love North Carolina.
I miss you Ger and I hope we reconnect soon. You have been in my heart and on my mind and I pray the Lord will bring us together.
Im still here.
In Huntersville.
Where my husband brought me.
Then left me.


Coffee_Cassie said...

You make me LOL.. Squishy?? That's the best you can come up with for "S"??? How about "summer sucks" or something? Squishy... ROFL!