Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last day of April

I have one page left to scrap to meet my scrapping goal (168 pages for the year)

I've met my exercise goal (as in, make it a habit again)

Got pictures of my tulips before bunnicula got them

Made tentative plans for summer travel

Finished school year plan with Joseph (9 days!!)

Finally got together with Theresa last night

Hung out with Cassie alot

Lots of good late night conversations with Joseph (the plus of us both being nocturnal!!)

Kept current with my Bible study

Had way too many conflicts with Paul

On the other hand, handled them better than in March

Got my charging dock for my camera

Went to a card swap and met some fun people

Got Joseph's contacts and dental appointments done

Read 3 more books

All in all, a good month

1 comment:

Melissa said...

LOL!!!! you do not call sweet innocent bunnies "BUNNICULAS"

I will order you the book off of and let you read all abou that bunnicula character. He's not liek the cute things that live at your house!! I love that you call them that though!!! Made me laugh out loud when you wrote about them!!!