Thursday, April 10, 2008

New pix

and the same old same old. Paul has some big breakthrough at counseling today, calls to leave a message that he's got alot to think and talk about. Then comes home and says I'll talk to you after men's group. No how are you. No "wow this big thing happened and I want to talk to you about it". Nope...a glorified booty call. "when I'm ready to talk, after hanging with these guys I barely know, will you be here?" Not that he actually asked me if I'd be here. Just assumed that I would be. I'm sick of being hurt by the utter unimportance I hold in his life. So I'll say it here instead of to him. Because saying it to him will result in the shut down,deer in the headlights look that I am far too familiar with. Will result in me getting frustrated. Will result in me crying. So I might as well shortcut to the crying and expedite things.

So here's pix of Ronnie...such a funny little guy!!

How precious is this??

It's exhausting being a newborn...


Coffee_Cassie said...

I think that bottom pic is my absolute fave. Some nights I tell him that he's lucky he's so cute... it makes it nearly impossible to stay mad at him.

Melissa said...

HE IS SOOO FUNNY!!! He just makes me laugh. Especially the one at the bottom!!!!