Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

for us was waking up to the news that the bar across from Cassie's apartment burned down, a loss of electricity, then babysitting (and taking like 80 pix) and crashing. No margarita's here!! LOL
Joseph won his battle of the bands, with great style and enthusiasm. It was so fun to be back in the world of youth ministry. It really gets me excited and enthused!! I love every minute of it...

And National Scrapbook Day came and went with me not scrapping a single thing. And spending too much money on scrapbook stuff. Too much. Sigh. No budget left for May.WOrking on some layouts, trying to stay current and work on backlogs (think decades worth of it!!) on the big weekend crops.
Now that we are on the brink of no school for the rest of my life, in theory, I should get tons of layouts done!! Remember those words..."in theory" LOL

Seriously, is he not the cutest, funniest baby? I've never seen a baby (not even my two) that had as many expressions as this little guy does. I keep telling him "You are a funny little dude"...
And on his 3 month birthday, I was leaving and told him that I was going to go but would see him this weekend and he looked at me and smiled!! WOOHOO!! FINALLY...
and then he smiled at Paul on Sunday and Joseph on Sunday. What the HECK??? I wait and wait and wait...and cajole and beg and we all get the smile at the same time. Hrmph!!

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