Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tax day...

come and gone. And so has the money!! LOL Long, long gone in my case!
So it's been a year since Va Tech; 2 since Cassie took off/moved out. (Depending on who is speaking about it, LOL)
I don't know that I put those two dates together last year.
Looking back, I'm in awe of how God has healed our relationship and knit our hearts together even more than before. She is one of my favorite people, one I laugh with and chat with and do nothing with. And we solve world problems.
If she weren't my daughter, I'd want to be her friend. But I get the best of both worlds...lucky me!!
Today I wke up to the sound of the shower running about 4 hours earlier than usual and suspected that Joseph was called into work. He was. Which would be NO PROBLEM except we were all up until after 2. So He's tired and bored and I'm just tired! LOL
Great day today outside. Sun, warm, wind. Spring is here...the sun is out and so are the swimsuits!! Ugh.
I don't have much on my to-do list except I really need to dust one table and want to wash a couple of windows...the rest of it is the usual stuff.
Seemed like a good day to catch up on my blog again.
My little Mr has not been co-operative of late. So no new pix from his sweet face, but I do have a good one of Cassie and him on my phone...but have to wait till I pay the ransom for the USB cord from Joseph to upload it!! LOL
This weekend, and next, both the guys will be gone for one reason or another (work, retreat, prom, formal) so I'm doing "Ronnie Bear's" newborn album. Which reminds me...I need to get a 5x7 of his bassinette print for the cover page. It's going to be an ABC album..and the cover is "A for adorable"...nice how I don't have to come up with a starting point!! I'll post pix once I get rolling, and also get the camera out of the car.

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