Monday, April 28, 2008

April is winding down

and it would be rumored that spring is here...except we're wearing wool coats and the furnace is running. But the tulips are up and beautiful and that alone makes me happy. These are not the full bloom ones. I need to upload them and post another day.

Went to "The Bucket List" last weekend. The idea is make a list of what you want to do before you die. Other than see Europe, I couldn't think of a thing. Now if the list were who would you want to see before you die, well that would be a different story. But I have no grand dreams that I feel unfulfilled when I think of, so I'll say I'm living my bucket list.

The other thing I'm thinking about...someone asked me a question today: Who would wail at your funeral. Not just say "oh that's sad", but really feel a profound loss regarding your passing. Kevin Leman asked that question at a workshop. Don't know that I know the answer to that. But sure would like to live in a way that left a profound loss in people's life.

Finally...heard about this group, WOW!! I think I found the thing I want to do for my birthday this year. Last year, I wanted to have a party and have donations for charity, like a back to school thing or whatever. That was the whole problem. Lots of needs out there, but none that really made me well up inside. Till this one.

So mark the date...6/21. I'm having a HUGE party for my 45th. I want to have a big family party that people don't want to leave from. Water balloon fights and a bouncy thing, and hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken. Pictures galore and horseshoes and volleyball. The whole thing. And the only requirement is to donate whatever you feel is a good amount to sponsor a vet. I want to go to the local VFW and see if we can something together and literally SPONSOR a vet, knowing the name and face and story of that man or woman.

What do you think????

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Melissa said...

I want to come to your birthday. Please send out e-vites:-)