Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ugh and some layouts

Ok, so now not only did I lose my pix (Thanksgiving through Christmas celebrations), but I lost my darn blog post about it. UGH!! Sometimes I hate technology!! Short story, after 10 days of trying to retrieve lost pix, I have a few bad thanksgiving shots and family game day which I will use to recreate Christmas. I was pretty heartbroken, but what can I do but what I did to try to save them? Sooo...moving on to the layouts I did last night
A little rubon, a little border stickers, a sketch and voila!!
This one was from  his first driving experience, at Great America. He was so excited to be able to drive on his own!! New driver stickers, only 5 years old, combined with enen more ancient paper and a new journaling block and swirl from my cricut, bringing the old and new together!! LOL
This one was from Joseph's school program, but I liked the patriotic theme and continued with it. I think this border sticker is at least 7 years old. Works for me!!

And my favorite project so far this year... made with my Cricut!!


Rosemary said...

do you have a cut file for this? my granddaughter loves Elmo. I would love to make it.
Rosemary at

Coffee_Cassie said...

Ronnie LOVES that card. Every day, he reaches for it "Emmo? Emmo! Emmo!" Then he tells me, "Gigi Emmo Rah-bo" (Gigi made Elmo for Ronnie). How do you not smile at that?