Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Character is simply habit long continued--Plutarch
Great quote, eh? Well, I love it. It's been a hectic couple of weeks, and I am realizing that I need to peel away yet another layer of request/demands/expecations on my time. So I'm gonna contemplate here what is working well, and what I want to tweak, 6 weeks into this year of living my priorities:
Working well:
I'm seeing Cassie more (once a week). I'm talking to her more. Makes me happy to chat and hear her laugh.
I'm talking to both Melissa and Michelle more often. A couple rough weeks with Melissa with our schedules colliding, but all in all, it's working.
Stepping away from youth group is what has made me more available mentally and emotionally to my top priorities. I don't see going back for the foreseeable future.
Joseph is working crazy hours (like 7a-9p between the two jobs) and I don't see him much, but at least I'm totally available to him when I DO see him. I wonder if he notices. That was one of his big complaints to me before.
I've scrapped more at home in the last month than I did in the last 6 months, I think. I like it.
I feel like I've really let go my expectations with Paul. We've had some great conversations lately too. Maybe they are related. Maybe not. I just know I'm happier with the less expectations, and I'm enjoying the connection we do have. Is it cynical to add:  while it lasts!?!?!? LOL

What's not working so well:
getting sucked in to others' dramas. While I'm thankful it isn't my drama, I'm not enjoying this aspect of my life. Not sure where to go from here with that. I do care what happens to my friends, but I can't really help them other than listen. And with the kids I mentor...well, it's their stage in life...drama-central.
Still not connecting with Judy as much as I'd like. It seems like we only connect if I call her and if I'm busy it can be weeks between. Sigh.
I've been eating like crap and it reflects on how I feel. I started this week (ok, so it's only Tuesday!!) to eat better and about 10 last night I crack out the Doritos...and that is SUCH A NO NO!!! Ugh. Those individual bags I never am tempted to eat...but the big family sized bags...they should be labelled "TEMPTATION" not "Doritos"!!

Scrapping and cricuting...working on a train for Ronnie. Will probably be done tomorrow.  Pulled out these die cuts, from 1999, to use on Joseph's birthday layouts. The challenge was to use exactly 10 items. I had to add the red strip to make it ten items. And I made that light saber!! I was all proud of myself!!
This was another ancient compilation. The Gone Fishin' is an old page topper thing from 1999 also, but I trimmed it and chalked it and can live with it!! The fishing pole was an old die cut kit (make it yourself) from about 1999 also. I knew I had pix of Joseph fishing, and finally was able to get the fishing pix with the fishing embellie!! I posted this layout to a group online and a gal thought it was Ronnie, not Joseph. A sure sign I need to pick up my scrapping production. Joseph is barely 6 in this picture and Ronnie will be 6 in no time!!

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