Thursday, May 15, 2008

What a great Mother's Day

Chock full of happy memories, great message at church, family time. I've officially turned into my mother...all I wanted was to see Cassie and Joseph and the bonus of them getting along and laughing together made it all the sweeter.

Gotta love the "I'll tolerate that lady kissing me" face. He's so darn funny....makes me laugh all the time. Good thing I never have to discipline him. Don't think I'd be any better not laughing at him than I was with my kids!!

Joseph with his new glasses...which I didn't like but like more every time he wears them...and which reminds me that I haven't put in for the reimbursement for their ridiculous price!!

Not the greatest picture of us all..but i certainly captures that point of the day!! Joseph switched his shift at Dippin Dots so we could go to church together for Mother's he was rushing off to make it there on time, the baby was starting to cry, and Cassie and I were just relaxing and enjoying the day. Her first Mother's Day corsage...hopefully not her last!!

Just a darn good day...with darn good kids...and a darn cute little mister!!

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Coffee_Cassie said...

I'm glad it was good for you too. When do Jos and I NOT make it good?!? :-D