Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Part 2

And on to the rest of my two week sabbatical...

Here's Cassie at 6 months. I FINALLY felt the baby move this Saturday. It was very exciting and made me smile ear to ear!! He kinda rolled over under my left hand. WOOHOO!! Long time waiting for the little Mr. to show himself to me!! Cassie said I was the first one to feel him move besides Chris, to which I say "As it should be!!"

We went to this tea room in Oswego or Yorkville or somewhere out there. It was nice...a cute little farm converted to a cash cow, with great pottery and decor things in another building.

The tea was fabulous, but I know I've had it somewhere else. Ambrosia tea in a nice pyramid bag. Conversation was nice and we laughed alot. Seemed like there were 2 different conversations, one with me and Cindi and Sherrie, and one with Catharina and Vicky. Lynda couldn't make it, which I expected but was still disappointed about. Sigh. Wish there was something I could do to help her sometimes...but this was a sinus headache thing, so there's no helping that unless you're an MD.

Cassie came over and made the CUTEST cards. I totally had card envy. She's got some natural talent there, and she works slow enough to produce nice cards...It was great spending time with her and just hanging. I always am glad to be with her...we talk and laugh and just enjoy being together with no agenda (or in this case, a card agenda)

Had some ladies over to make cards...that was fun. We are all on the Joliet flylady group, and talking about making cards, so I told them to just come over here and bring an idea. Well, they DID!! And cookies and supplies. We ended up making 15 Christmas cards...in the middle of a major ice storm. They are better women than me...I would NOT have come.

And. sigh. the bears. sigh. They lost a heartbreaker. I don't care. I still love them. They aren't alone in the heartbreak this week. The Redskins wanted to win for their teammate who had been killed. They lost on a stupidly called double time out from their coach. Amateur mistake the announcers say. Heartbreaking I say. They looked like they were all gonna cry on the sidelines. And then the Ravens last night. Oh the pain. Literally, I quit breathing. To come within TWO YARDS of winning. Killer. And that was the poor sport on the Ravens that cost them that game. 35 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct in the last minute of the game. They could have done it!!
Debbie came in from VA to go to her nephew's wedding and we were able to spend the evening catching up. I always love talking with her. She's just one of those people who GET me and what I'm saying. And the history...well...it's a long one. She informs me, 22 years later, that Paul's sister Nancy was NASTY before our wedding to her...telling her that she should not be in the wedding and that it was wrong and inappropriate since she had dated Paul. The small ingored by Nancy detail was that I was the one that asked her to stand up...we had become closer friends while going to JJC together. MAN I wish I would have known about it then...because she also tried to orchestrate Paul's dad getting pushed out of best man position and having this PIG Phil be Paul's best man as a "surprise". When she announced THAT little gem, I told Paul if Phil was one of our witnesses, I would NOT be marrying him. I really HATED that guy. Uh. Who's wedding was it? Who gets to ask who they want to stand up for them??? Even back then, the machine was working. Grrr....
Planning to spend a week in VA this summer...Debbie and Mark always seem to get the short stick when it comes to time, but this time I'm going without Paul so I don't need to be back in any specific time. I can't wait!! I love VA Beach!!

And now the countdown begins...Meesh comes in on the 15th andMeliss on the 21st!! WOO!! HOO!!! And as Meliss said, clear your calendar and let your girlfriends know you won't be available till the 27th. LOL


Melissa said...

WOO...about time to update that blog. A few things: 1) I grinned ear to ear when you talked about cassie's baby moving..I'm excited to see the little guy/feel him 2)......Thanks for not talking about Green Bay (all I can say is his butt better be back and looking beautiful on the 23rd..) 3) i think I want to make cards when I'm up there too. They are always good to have..and giving them to my dad always just gives me card envy!! :-)

Coffee_Cassie said...

I couldn't believe the bears either.... *hangs head* that's ok... we'll come back. I'm starting a Meliss and Meesh countdown now that I know the dates... lol.

And Meliss, there's no way you CAN'T feel him. All it takes is a BIG glass of iced tea or some Dr Pepper, and he starts kickin up a storm. He's already making it hard to breathe.

Yay for another card party!! Not that I need to make more, but hey, why not? No such thing as to many cards.

Coffee_Cassie said...

Oh, and no surprise that AN was nasty BEFORE the wedding... why would you think that changed after?? Glad you got to connect with Debbie again, though!