Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Paul is officially

my age. Every year. I mean every year. Every SINGLE year. Paul belabors the point that I am older than him. Which forces me to belabor the point that he LOOKS older than me. Always trumps. But I like the way he's aging. I like his crinkled eyes. I like his grey hair. His blonde hair was ok, but grey just looks good on him. I like his gold reading glasses. I think they make him look hot. Seriously. I LOVE him in his reading glasses. I love the way he looks up over his glasses. I love how they make his eyes look more blue.
We went to the Promenade to celebrate his birthday. Ate at Ted's Montana Grill. Overpriced and the food was NOT that good. SO now we know. Then on to say hi to Lindsay at her job. She's working at Aeropastale now. It was fun to see her...she's all ready for black Friday. Can check a person out with 6 items and 2 accessories in under 90 seconds. Funny that they literally time their employees. At the mall, they may check out quickly, but it's the 10 minutes waiting for someone to show up that is a pain the butt!!
They had a light show, like the Siberian Orchestra, with the music piped in to co-ordinate with the music. It was fun but only 4 songs long. Perfect day for walking around outside.
He said his birthday was good. But literally noONE remembered to call him or text him. At least he acknowledged that was a disappointment...usually he'd say it was fine. Little baby steps toward being honest in his feelings.
Oh...and I gave him a CD of a book he liked and wanted to listen to again and again and a very nice shirt/sweater combo so he could wear it for Christmas.
It was a good evening and I"m glad we spent it together.


Coffee_Cassie said...

Glad you guys enjoyed it, and sorry Dad's family is all buttmunchers!

Coffee_Cassie said...

Time to update... and don't tell me nothing's happened in the past 10 days... I know better!

Melissa said...

I agree w/ Cass......