Wednesday, October 10, 2007

GUESS WHAT?????????????

My baby, my once wee little one who has been growing up oh so much before my very eyes...well. He's driving. For real. Got his license yesterday. We had the required ravioli to celebrate, but I dared to use storebought sauce. "too oniony" Won't do that again!!

Here he is with his license!! WOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!
Third time was the charm!! He went the first time and wasn't in the computer, even though he had finished 3 months earlier.
Went the second time, it was Columbus Day and the DMV is closed on the Saturday before the holiday, so no luck then. But TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9TH.. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He drives.
Now the negotiation has begun on subs and woofers and music as a distraction. Keep checking back. I'll let you know how it goes!! Personally, I"m staying clear of it all.

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Coffee_Cassie said...

Music isn't a distraction. I've found that if I'm in the car without music, I pay LESS attention to anything, including the road. I think it's because I learned to drive with the radio on, so I just kinda got used to it. Let him have his music, but I don't think he really NEEDS subs. They're a waste of money imho.