Thursday, October 2, 2008

Adversity and loss

make a man wise....words to remember. I'll skip the wisdom for a while.

It's freakin COLD HERE!! I've got my traditional 2 layers on and am about to pile on a 3rd. And some of the trees are changing colors. I love that. ANd the Bears are playing pretty well. They COULD be undefeated, but they aren't 2-2. That's ok for now...

Been working out for a month now...adding 5 minutes are cardio every other workout, which ends up to be like 2x a week. So I'm up to 30 and will be at 60 by 11/1. Been lifting weights and doing yoga on the opposite days. Only lost 2 lbs but wt loss isn't the only reason I'm doing it anyway. It's just a habit I want to form and not quit. I worked out 5/7 days each week in September. I'm shooting for 6/7 for October.

Going on a marriage retreat this weekend. We'll see how that goes. For today, I'm just doing the house, starting Christmas shopping, doing my bible study tonight and taping the debate to watch after.

I'll post what's happened with Paul some other time...

Someone sent me these questions...
1. Do you ever have 'ghosts from the past' pop their heads in to say hi? Has it happened to you lately? If so, who was it? If not, is there anyone you wish you could find?
~~KInda funny that this was asked because a "ghost" just has been popping up in my life. Not sure what I'm going to do with that but the timing of this question was interesting.

2. What do you think of Facebook? If you're a Facebooker, have you had any contact with long lost friends of the past?
~~I'm sort of a facebooker. I have one so I can be in touch with my nieces for picture purposes but some high school people have found me on it. Nothing has come of it, but they did find me.

3. Pretty much everyone is easily found these days. Do you miss the days of not being able to be found, or do you welcome people finding you? Why/why not?
Depends on the person. Some people I"m genuinely glad to be re-linked to. But one in particular is still so bitter from something that happened like 8 years ago, it just makes me sad. I do like that I can keep my blog private though!!

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